About working with an interior designer.

Studio Vocaire specializes in design for custom homes and large-scale renovations that include construction and home furnishing. We particularly excel in project management, design for interior architecture, and creating livable spaces designed for daily ease and connection.

The design of your interiors will impact the structure of the home itself, which is why it’s important to consult a designer as early as possible. Our early involvement will ensure that your home is intuitively designed for flow, style, and your ideal living experience. Our role also includes highly involved project management throughout the lifetime of the project, bringing you peace of mind, guidance, and an advocate at every stage.

Absolutely. In many cases, we are brought onto projects at the same time as the architect, which allows us to collaborate on the home’s flow, interior architecture, and custom features. As the project progresses, we are also happy to be your liaison with the construction team, following up on progress, implementation, and other queries. Don’t have an architect or construction team yet? We would be happy to recommend someone from our trust network.

An interior design investment is calculated based on the scope of the project (custom home, full-home renovation, etc.), the size of the home, the integrity of the materials used, the quality of craftsmanship, and other important details. This is why it’s impossible to share numbers without discussing your project first during our initial Consultation.

The timeline of every project is different, even in two homes of comparable size. This is simply because of the number of factors that influence timing: the scope of the project, the trades involved (and coordinating their schedules), product lead times, inclement weather, and more. During our initial Consultation, we will discuss an estimated timeline that will be a good guide for setting expectations. You can learn more about our process here.

We love this question! Although every design is inspired by our clients — what they love, their lifestyles, and personalities — we lean toward design that feels modern and contemporary yet timeless. If you explore our portfolio, you’ll find clean lines, soothing neutrals, saturated pops of color, and timeless textiles designed to put you and your family instantly at ease. If you’re not sure if our style is right for you, I suggest taking a peek at our past projects here.

Once our selections for your home are approved, we procure all necessary materials, fixtures, and furnishings, overseeing precise orders, commissioning any customizations, managing shipment, and inspecting and storing deliveries until needed. This is one of the best reasons to work with a designer — we have spent years building a network of exclusive vendors we trust for quality, integrity, and customer service.