Full-service interior design and home furnishing.

Enjoy an elevated, uniquely personal home…and every step it takes to get there. Whether you’re building a custom home or renovating an existing residence, Studio Vocaire’s full-service design process delivers a rare balance of strategic planning and inspired creativity, beautiful style and livable durability.

Our Design Process


The initial Consultation phase is our opportunity to get to know each other, establish trust, and build a strong foundation for your project. Through an intake questionnaire and in-person meeting, we will discuss goals, scope, desired investment, and timeline with all decision-makers.


Conceptualization includes collaborating with your architect (for new homes) and other involved trades to set the direction for the design. Our main priority is to establish the floor plan, develop concepts for the interior architecture, and ensure that the design thoughtfully facilitates your everyday living experience.


Now, we move into the Design phase, which takes our ideas and further develops them with design boards, drawings, and other visual representations. This culminates in your Design Presentation, where you have the opportunity to exchange feedback, insights, and approval.


We document the technical details of the project, including interior architecture, elevations, an RCP (reflected ceiling plan), and more. These are also shared with the construction team for accurate work proposals and seamless implementation when construction begins.


Procurement involves sourcing the exact materials, fixtures, and furnishings that will be ordered for your home. We assemble these into a Spec Book that is shared with your construction team in return for accurate work proposals. Following your approval, we order all materials that will need to be on-site for construction.


During construction, we maintain close communication with your team to ensure the design is progressing as planned. We also receive, inspect, and store furniture and decor deliveries. When construction finishes, we install your new furnishings and style your interiors with meaningful touches that make your home yours.

“Becky’s guidance is invaluable. She creates spaces that are leagues beyond anything we could do ourselves, and she made the whole process easy to execute and visualize. We now have a gorgeous space to enjoy for years to come.”

Katy + Dan, Decatur

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